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Board of Directors
Dr. Bounlieng Phommasouvanh, Chair
Somsak Vongvanith, Vice Chair
Vannasing Antoine Keodara
Kenny Xayavong
Khamphet Soumpholphakdy
Louang Vanthong Sithiphong
Nham Insisienmay
Sane Chanthaphavong
Tony Inthavong
Adam Manhbaoboua

Executive Officers
Paulette Luangviseth, President
Phet Rassavong, VP
Tracy Nanthavong, Secretary
Kasey Kunstmanas, Treasurer
Pida Kongphouthone, Community Relations
Andrew Manisouk, Arts/Culture
Monethaly Chanthaphavong, Physical Properties Director
Ritsa Ae Chanthabandith, Pageant Director

Operation Support
Thavone Vongphamany
Sammy Sayjai
Linda Vilay
Khammy Xayasane

Advisory Board
Dr. Sombath Senethong
Houmpheng Manisouk
Phoyphet Pathammavong
Bounmy Soukbandith

Executive Advisors
Boungnam Sourinho Dengpheng
Kongseng Soukbandith
Khampheng S.Phabmixay

Updated: September 6, 2017

The Lao Community Cultural Center of San Diego, LCCC, was founded  in February 1992.  Its mission is to promote unity and collaboration among Lao Americans of all ethnic groups and to facilitate cultural exchange between Lao Community and other communities at large. LCCC  is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Cultural preservation, education, and exchange through collaborative community events, activities, and programs to promote Lao language, arts, culture, and cuisine.
We want to hear from you. Email = Address
Lao Community Cultural Center of San Diego
12777 Benavente Way
San Diego, CA 92129

In 1992 the State of California issued a Certificate allowing the Lao Community Cultural Center of San Diego to operate as Non-Profit Organization according to the proposed By-Laws.

The following are names of the qualified volunteers who were elected by the community to lead
the preservation of the Lao cultural heritage.

Dr. Bounlieng Phommasouvanh
2015 - Present
Ms. Paulette Luangviseth
Dr. Bounlieng Phommasouvanh
Mr. Khampheng S. Phabmixay
Ajarn Bounmy Soukbandith
Mr. Khampheng S. Phabmixay
Ajarn Bounmy Soukbandith
Mr. Somsack Thongchanh
Mr. Souvannarath Chindavong
Mr. Antoine Vannasing Keodara
Mr. Nham Insisienmay
Mrs. Khampheth Soumpholphakdy
Ajarn Bounmy Soukbandith
Mr. Nham Insisienmay
Mr. Khamphay Phrathep
Mr. Nham Insisienmay
Ajarn Bounmy Soukbandith
Mr. Khamphay Phrathep
Ajarn Bounmy Soukbandith
Mr. Kaypheth Chantharathip
Mr. Bounhong Khommarath
Mr. Kaypheth Chantharathip
Mr. Boualanh Chanthapraseuth
Mr. Kaypheth Chantharathip